Cox Store in Las Vegas

The Best Communications Company in Las Vegas, Nevada
For those looking to find a cable service in the Las Vegas area, Cox is the place for you. They provide optimum communications services to both residential homes and businesses. Offering a wide variety of bundle packages, as a matter of fact, their prices are so reasonable anyone can afford it.

Cox Communications Residential Services

What Cox Has To Offer:

1 Cable TV Services – Cox has numerous handy features with their programming. Such as, having access to your favorite television channels by speaking into the remote control. Plus customers have the ability to store thousands of hours of programming on their DVR. Which can be viewed from any TV that’s in the home, giving everyone the freedom to watch whatever they like. You can even create a list of your favorite on demand movies, television programs, and much more. in order to make life easier for you, it’ll show the last nine shows in which you viewed.

2 Cox Television Features – Get hundreds of channels, such as, CNN, A&E, Cartoon Network, ESPN, and many others. You can also access more than eighty TV network apps from anywhere with your digital device. For those who love watching the latest movies, it has pay-per-view and On-Demand programming as well.

3 High Speed Internet – Cox has a wide variety of high speed internet plans which are set up to your own personal needs. If you have only two devices for browsing the internet, they have Cox Internet Starter plan. With up to five MBPS of download speed and one MBPS of upload speed. For those with three to five devices the Cox Internet Essential package would be an ideal fit. Its perfect for light browsing and checking your e-mail messages. Cox has a plan for hardcore gaming enthusiasts call the Cox Internet Preferred 100. It is a powerful internet service that has the capacity for handling up to nine devices. Just like its name suggests, the Cox Internet Ultimate plan has it all. It gives you the ability to manage large files and stream videos quickly. These packages are available with a one year contract.

Cox Business Solutions
Cox caters to all sized businesses, from small to large and those in between.

Cox Business Packages:

1 Web Hosting – Cox offers several different web hosting packages to business owners. Their basic plan has 100 GB of disk storage space and 500 GB of data transfer availability. They also have a plus package which provides you with 200 GB disk storage and 1000 GB data transfer availability. For those who need the maximum amount of power, there is also a premium plan with 300 GB of disk storage plus a total of 1500 GB of data transfer availability.

2. Telephone Plans – Depending on what type of services you need, Cox has a wide variety of phone packages in which are available. Including but not limited to processing credit cards, connecting alarm systems, and making phone calls as well. Cox also has some handy online tools that give one the ability to manage calls. You can redirect them as well.

3. Cable Services – For those who have a business that involves a waiting area for customers, Cox offers business TV services. It’s a good way in which to keep customers both entertained and happy as well. Not to mention how it improves their level of patience as well.

Further Information About Finding a Cox Store in Las Vegas
For those interested in trying out these Communications Services, your Cox Authorized Retailer in Las Vegas Located at 6115 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV 89103. To Setup Cox Service in Las Vegas, Call: 702-221-2359.