3 Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Life is a wonderful thing. And one of the best and worst parts of it comes from the sheer unpredictability of the world. And even from the fact that the best and worst events in life are often intertwined with each other.

Everyone’s past, present and future will be filled with some rough moments. How that impacts someone long term isn’t set in stone though. Sometimes the main difference between bitter tears and a wistful smile is how well one’s been able to learn from the experience. Everyone’s life is different. But there’s three events that nobody wants to face but most will eventually. Whether it’ll be nostalgic or tragic depends a lot on being prepared to see it as a learning experience.

The first lesson involves a broken heart. When people hear that they usually assume it means that they’ll have their heart broken. That event is a rough one. But it’s actually what sets up this lesson as one of the most difficult to face. This lesson involves the need to break someone’s heart in order to give the both of you a better life.

Most relationships fail. It’s not bad, and it’s not good. Instead it’s just a simple fact of life. If it was easy to find a perfect match than dating as we know it wouldn’t exist. But every now and then there’s two very different views of a relationship. One person thinks it’s fantastic. You’ll look into their eyes and see nothing but pure adoration and love. And you’ll say that you love them. But one night you’ll say it and realize that you feel absolutely nothing behind those words. And that you haven’t for a long time, and might never have even from the start. And the kindest thing you’ll be able to do for this person who places their trust in you is to break their heart and send them off to find actual love.

The lesson to learn from it is that love isn’t one sided. It’s easy to think that when you’re in the midst of it. But love isn’t something to foist on someone or insist on. It’s a questioning thing. A feeling that needs to constantly be rekindled and cherished. It’s a lesson that not every relationship is meant to be and that one shouldn’t settle or take away the chance of a partner finding someone who’s a better match.

The second lesson involves one’s own body giving out. There’s really no sugar coating the medical stats. The modern lifestyle isn’t very healthy. Bad diets and lack of exercise will eventually take a toll on one’s body. That might come in way too much jiggle when trying to catch up with something. Or it might come in the form of a heart attack that hit far earlier than expected. But most people will have a moment where they realize their body is breaking under the strain of their lifestyle. The learning experience is what’s done afterward. One can fall further into ill health, or fight back against it. Modern medicine can do an amazing job of patching up the first instance of these types of issues. But from that point it’s up to the patient to make health a priority. It’s a lesson that can not only save your life, but also ensure that those years are active and enjoyable.

Finally, the third hard learned lesson involves ideology. It doesn’t even really matter what that ideology might be. The simple fact of life is that if it’s an ideology created by human minds than it’ll be just as flawed as the people who created it. In one’s teenage years it’s natural to assume that the answers are all found in a particular political party or book.

If that ideal has merit to it than there’s a very good chance that it’ll eventually gain traction. And that’s where the not so young former teen will be faced with a hard truth. That it might be better than what came before, but it’s still flawed and needs another idealistic generation to tear it down and build something better on top of it. How one reacts to that event might very well impact the next generation. Some people choose to cover their eyes and blind themselves to the fact that they weren’t as perfect as they thought. But one can also be proud of building something that was better while also help people build up an even better replacement. By participating rather than fighting one can help children or even grandchildren grow something from the top of one’s self created heights rather than face starting from scratch.